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Q. Why am I being charged for shipping?

A. Only certain products are shipped free. Look for a Free Shipping indication on the product page.

Q. The lid keeps popping off my Lot-O-Tumbler. What can I do?

A. Try putting a small hole in the lid. Gasses can build up during the tumbling process and pop the lid off. A small hole will let any gasses escape.

Because the barrel is made of rubber, changes in temperature can cause it to expand and contract. That can pop the lid off also. So if the hole doesn't solve the problem, use a small bungee cord. Hook it on both sides of the frame and run it over the lid.

Q. How thick are the Lightning Lap Toppers?

A. About 3mm.

Q. I have more questions about Lightning Lap discs. Where can I find answers?

A. More LL FAQs and answers can be found here.

Q. What should I use for a lubricant with my Gemini Taurus 3 ring saw?

A. If you do not live in a hard-water area, plain tap water is fine. If you do have hard water, you can use distilled water. If you don’t have distilled water, you can add a couple of capfuls of vinegar and a couple of drops of dish washing liquid to provide lubrication.

Q. Which would be best for polishing both sapphires and spinels, the Gearloose Zinc+ Plus 5 or Dominatrix?

A. Both will work well. The Zinc+ Plus 5 is a favorite for sapphires but the Dominatrix is more versatile because it's gentler for the softer stones.

Q. How long will a Gearloose Creamway or Tin+Creamway lap last?

A. Indefinitely

Q. Can the back side of a Tin Plus lap be used?

A. No

Q. I'm still not sure which Gearloose lap would be best for my needs. Where can I find more information?

A. See the Gearloose laps applications charts here.

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