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We sell a few different starter grit and polish kits from Covington so you can start tumbling. Each kit comes with a coarse grit (60/90), a medium grit (120/220), a fine grit (3F-400), Old Miser compound to mix with the grit and form a slurry, and Covington Tumbler Polish.

These kits are available in several sizes to suit your needs. Smaller tumbler units will require less grit to complete a tumbling cycle, therefore you may choose to purchase either the Starter Grit & Polish Kit or the Tumbler Grit & Polish Kit which have smaller amounts per kit.

A larger tumbler such as a 40 lb. Production Tumbler would require more tumbling media. Choosing a larger grit kit such as the Jumbo Grit & Polish Kit might be the most economical choice. The Tumbler Grit & Polish Kit will provide approximately one complete tumble cycle for a one-gallon tumbler, so plan accordingly.