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Choosing a Glass Lathe

Covington Engineering manufactures many different varieties of specialty glass machines for studio cold working. Lathe style machines are available for more customization. Specialty glass machines for beveling interior and exterior curves are also available as well as cork and felt polishing machines for high polish results.

There are 3 generations of Covington's glass lathes, all of which feature at least 11 inches of reach. The Original Glass Lathe has the ability to accept any wheel size up to 10” in diameter and features a turned, ground, and polished shaft which minimizes vibrations.

The Glass Lathe #2 has the ability to accommodate almost any size wheel, and is light enough for a small studio but at the same time, heavy-duty enough for high production shops.

The Professional Glass Lathe features 12” of reach allowing for greater grinding area and a Morse 3 taper to accept Spatzier style tools.

There is also the Mini Professional Glass Lathe. This lathe features the
precision of the professional lathe in a compact and portable body. It's ideal for bead-makers and small precision engravers. The Mini is a professional grade unit packed into a miniature design.

Specialty glass machines such as the Vertical Glass Beveler provide the ability to bevel interior and exterior curves while providing unobstructed access to wheels. Both tank sides are easily removable for wheel changes and can fit up to a 10” diameter wheel.

Cork & Felt Polishing Machines feature 10” or 16” diameter wheels meant to pre-polish and high polish with ease. These heavy duty machines run at a high speed in order to create the friction necessary for a brilliant finish.

Glass Lathes

Covington’s Original Glass Lathe has the ability to adjust the motor for different speeds quickly and easily. With a dual overhead loc-line water supply, it's easy to provide fresh water to the top of the wheels. Two pans are included and are shipped detached from the base so that you can align them wherever is most convenient.

The base of the unit comes with magnets so you can adjust the pans as needed. With 11” of shaft extension on either side of the lathe, there is plenty of space to work with and not feel restricted.

Covington’s Glass Lathe #2, like the original, features the ability to adjust the motor for different speeds quickly and easily. This machine also includes the dual overhead loc-line water supply and provides fresh water supply wherever the user would like.

This lathe does not have a base that extends completely underneath the length of the shaft which allows the use of larger wheels. When the stand is purchased with the unit, shelves on either side can be adjusted to any height to accommodate wheels and support pans as needed.

Covington’s Professional Glass Lathe has a variable speed controller mounted to the front of the unit so that any speed can be achieved, from 0 rpm to 1850 rpm. This unit has 12” of reach on the side of the unit allowing for unobstructed access. The end of the shaft has a Morse 3 taper to accept Spatzier tooling and includes an ultra precise 1” spindle for other tool mounting.

The latest addition to Covington's glass lathe family is the Mini Professional Glass Lathe. This compact unit features a 1” stainless steel shaft that reduces to 1/2” on the end. A splash pan and hood come with this unit to maintain a fresh water supply. The toggle switch and potentiometer are easily accessible on the front of the unit and allow for complete speed control.

Specialty Glass Machines

Covington’s Vertical Glass Beveler provides an alternative unit for beveling inside and outside curves. This unit comes ready to accept most wheels up to 10” in diameter, providing versatility and the ability to change wheels with ease. When ordering this unit it's important to specify the speed at which you would like the unit to run: 420 rpm for 10” wheels, 785 rpm for 8” wheels, or 1,100 rpm
for 6” wheels.

Covington’s Cork & Felt Polishing machines come with cork and felt wheels that are mounted, dressed and tested. Cork is intended to be used with pumice to pre-polish the piece and felt works best with cerium oxide to provide a final polish on glass.
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