Choosing a Sander

Covington’s Sanders are high-quality, multipurpose units. They're available in a variety of sizes and compositions for a range of purposes. Sanders can grind and polish small and large pieces of glass and stone. These machines are also excellent for de-burring, shaping, cleaning, sharpening, and smoothing work pieces.

Every sander comes fitted with a 220g silicon carbide sanding belt. These versatile machines are an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike. Many glass customers believe every coldworking shop should have a Covington Sander!

Basic & Mounted Wet Belt Sanders

The Basic Wet Belt Sander is the base unit for the Mounted Wet Belt Sander. These machines have approximately 6 inches of usable workspace but longer pieces can be worked across the belt's 3-inch face by moving left and right across this work area.

A 2-inch high back plate is installed to allow the you to make a hard edge. The space above the back plate is more forgiving and allows for softer edges and curves.

These machines use 3” x 24” belts. Belts are available in silicon carbide and diamond for grinding, cork for pre-polishing glass, and felt for polishing glass.

The Basic Sander does not come with a motor or a baseboard for mounting. This machine is designed for you if you already have a motor and a place to mount the unit. The Mounted Basic Sander is a complete unit that can just be plugged in and started.

 Large Basic, Commercial & Deluxe Wet Belt Sanders

The Large Basic Wet Belt Sander is the base unit for the Commercial Wet
Belt Sander and the Deluxe Commercial Wet Belt Sander. These models have approximately 13" of usable space between drums.

The Large Basic Sander and the Commercial Sander both come with a 4-inch backing plate installed. The Deluxe Commercial Sander comes with a 13-inch backing plate installed and a 4-inch backing plate which can easily be substituted for the larger one. The backing plates are designed to give a solid grind to your piece. The belt above the backing plate is softer and more malleable which allows for smoother curves and shapes. Pieces larger than 13 inches can be worked horizontally across the face of the belt.

These units use 3” x 41-1/2” belts that will give you approximately twice the wear life of the 3” x 24” belts for the smaller sanders. When deciding between the sanders, it's important to know your work. If you are only working small pieces such as jewelry, then the small sander will probably suit your needs.

However, for a little more you can purchase the Commercial Sander, which provides more usable workspace and longer belt life. It is important to remember the price of the consumables when pricing your purchase. The
belts will add additional cost throughout the life of the unit.

The advantage to the Deluxe Commercial Sander is the 1/2 hp motor with a
capacitor. This provides more than sufficient torque for working large pieces and pressing against the belt.

Horizontal Sanders

Horizontal Wet Belt Sanders are designed for grinding long flat surfaces such as tile edges and bevels but are not suited to rounds and radius work. These sanders are not designed for polishing applications. The belt runs too close to the tank bottom which leads to contamination issues.

Like the other sanders, these are wet belt sanders and come with a water valve that accepts 1/4” tubing. Both the Horizontal Wet Belt Sander and Commercial Horizontal Wet Belt Sander are mounted on Covington’s signature rustproof Lam-I-Cushion base.

You can complete your sander and have it running the same day with the addition of a horizontal sander plumbing kit!